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Altoona, PA

Update: police report turned himself in at a magistrate’s office yesterday and was released on bail.

Altoona Police Department have felony arrest warrant for Russell Lee  Harold III, 31, for failure to comply with Megan’s Law registration. Authorities say his last known address is 1008 2nd Avenue in Altoona.

Blair has an extension criminal record in Blair County with 10 criminal cases making their way to the Court of Common Pleas since 2008 and a case in Cambria County in 2014.  Blair was charged in 2014 in Cambria County with Rape and 11 other charges. After a plea bargain the charges were lowered to  Indecent Assault without Consent and sentenced to 6 to 23 months in the county prison.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Harold are asked to contact Detective Meintel at (814) 949-2524 or call 911.