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Harrisburg, PA

Earlier this month Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Scott Arthur Evans sentenced Joshua Brough, age 35, to serve at least 8 years and up to 16 years in state prison for the rape of a fourteen-year old girl in November of 2017. 

The victim told police that when she was home sick from school, the defendant, a family friend, came into her room and forced himself upon her. 

While incarcerated on the charges, authorities say Brough contacted the mother of the child and encouraged her to have the child recant the statement to the police resulting resulted in additional charges and a plea of  no contest to solicitation to commit intimidation of a witness. 

On the intimidation charge, Judge Evans sentenced the defendant to an additional ten years of probation to be served consecutively to his prison sentence.  The court also ordered that Brough register for life under Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law. 

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Gettle, who prosecuted the case, credited the work of the police and the bravery of the young girl: “Throughout this case, the named victim has exhibited so much strength.  It is because of her strength that we were able to ensure that this defendant will be incarcerated and monitored for the next 25 plus years—hopefully protecting other children from his criminal behavior.”

Detective Jill Rowe of the Susquehanna Township Police Department first brought the charges in this case. 

Brough has no previous criminal history.