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Carlisle, PA

Police in Carlisle say they’ve obtained a warrant for the arrest of Michael Anthony Bungay for a Christmas Day robbery.  Authorities say Bungay is wanted for a robbery that occurred in the 1st Block of East Louther Street.

Anyone with information about the incident or Bungay’s location is asked to contact the Carlisle Borough Police Department or call 911. 

The 29 year old Bungay has a criminal history with an  arrest in 2010 for Terroristic Threats With Intent To Terrorize
Another, Criminal Mischief – Damage Property , and Simple Assault. He he later pleaded guilty to Simple Assault and was sentenced to 171 days to 23 months.

Later in 2011 Bungay was charged with 4 theft related felonies and a misdemeanor. All the felony charges were dropped in a plea resulting in a sentence of 3-23 months.

2015 say Bungay arrested for Simple Assault, Intimidate Witness/Victim – Withhold Testimony and  Retaliation Against Witness or Victim. The Cumberland County District Attorney and Bugay came to a plea in which he pleaded guilty to summary Harassment and was sentenced to 90 days.