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Northern Lancaster County Regional Police say 26 year old Shabaz Khan, of 1950 Old Post Village Terrace, Woodbridge, Virginia faces charges of theft in connection with a crime committed at the Manheim Auto Auction, in Penn Township.

On December 28, 2018 police allege Khan entered the Manheim Auto Auction, located at 1190 Lancaster Road, Manheim, PA. 17545 to look for potential vehicles for sale. The Manheim Auto Auction is not open to the general public.

While at the Manheim Auto Auction authorities say Khan unlawfully entered several different vehicles belonging to the victim, Manheim Auto Auction and unlawfully took control of eight (8) key fobs (5 Nissan, 1 Ford, 1 Lexus and 1 Toyota). Police allege employees observed Khan entering/ going in and out of several different vehicles. The employees discovered the key fobs were missing from the vehicles the defendant was observed entering. Police say the key fobs were later found and recovered on the defendant’s person.

NLCRPD patrol officers interviewed KAHN he admitted to taking possession of the 8 key fobs from several different vehicles. The total value of the key fobs is $2,700.00.