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Police: Man wanted by Lancaster County Sheriff arrested in vicious beating, leads to drug charges, bond $150,000

Police: Man wanted by Lancaster County Sheriff arrested in vicious beating, leads to drug charges, bond $150,000

Lancaster, PA

On Saturday October 26, 2019 at approximately 1754 hrs. Officers from Lancaster Bureau of Police  responded to a report of an assault that was in-progress. A caller to 911 witnessed a male striking an assaulting another male and a female. This happened on the area that used to be a railroad bed that parallels the 300 & 400 blocks of Mill Street. 

Upon arrival, police say they found (3) individuals all complaining of pain from the assault. The female victim had an injury to her left hand, a puncture wound on her lower right leg, a small laceration on her head and severe bruising on various parts of her body. A male victim had a large laceration on his head, bruising to his left hand and cuts to his right hand. The third person initially pretended to be a victim of the assault but was identified as the suspect/assailant in this incident. 

According to police they learned that the suspect had sprayed them both victims with “pepper spray.” The suspect had picked up a length of wood and struck both victims with it several times. The suspect also picked up several rocks and threw them at the victims. The assault on the victims lasted several minutes.  The female victim told police that she had been in a relationship with the suspect since early September and that he had regularly assaulted her since that time, striking her with items like a bat or crowbar in order to control her.

According to police several of the bruises found on the female victim were consistent with prior injury/assault.  Both victims stated that prior to the assault on October 26, 2019, the suspect made them both carry his belongings and told them that he would hurt them if they disobeyed him or attempted to leave him.  Both victims were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Police say the suspect initially identified himself as Wayne Brown. His true identity was found to be 32 year old Dwayne Anthony Tyler 700 block South Plum Street in  Lancaster. Tyler was found to have a Bench Warrant through Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. Tyler complained of pain and had a small cut under one of his eyes. Tyler was seen by EMS and later transported to the Lancaster Bureau of Police station.  A search of Tyler revealed that he was in possession of suspected synthetic cannabinoids, crack cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin-fentanyl as well as Tyler  a set of brass knuckles and assorted drug paraphernalia police say. Once inside the detention area of the station they located a folded dollar bill. That bill contained additional suspected methamphetamines. Tyler attempted to blow the narcotics off of the slating counter. 

Tyler has been charged with (2) Counts Aggravated Assault (F1), False Identification to Law Enforcement Authorities (M3), Possession of Prohibited Offensive Weapons (M1), Unlawful Restraint (M1), Stalking (F3), Tampering With Physical Evidence (M2), (4) Counts Possession With Intent to Deliver (PWID) Synthetic Cannabinoids-Crack Cocaine-Methamphetamine-Heroin Fentanyl (F) and Possession Drug Paraphernalia (M).

Tyler was later arraigned on the complaint and committed to Lancaster County Prison in lieu of $150,000 bail.