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Hanover, PA

Police in Hanover Township say they’ve arrested Richard Weikel following a domestic dispute earlier today, December 29, 2018, on charges of Simple Assault and Harassment following a domestic incident on Phillips ST just after 6AM.

The 55 year old Weikel was convicted in 2007 for Marijuana related charges and served a 12 month probation in Snyder County. later in 2014 he was arrested for 14 counts of Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver and related charges. After a plea deal he was given 1 to 3 years in prison and a probationary sentence. In that case a Weikel faces a contempt hearing in Snyder County for not paying fines. 

Weikel was released on the Hanover Township case on $7,500 bail.