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Harrisburg, PA

After consultation with the complainant in the case, the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office says it closed the sexual assault investigation into former Representative Nick Miccarelli.  The District Attorney says the complainant requested that the District Attorney close the case without charges.  The District Attorney publicly announced the closure because the existence of the case had been reported in the media previously. 

District Attorney Fran Chardo noted that both the complainant and Miccarelli cooperated in the investigation.  The District Attorney’s office says  the case took a long time to investigate because of a large volume of digital evidence, some of which was not originally accessible. 

MIccarelli, through his spokesman Frank Keel, reacted to the announcement, as well.

One of the attorneys for the alleged victim said, Terry Mutcher,  “In no way shape or form did the victim in this case recant her statement or the allegations.”

“Nick has maintained his innocence from the outset of this media-fueled ordeal. Because he is innocent, he always knew today’s positive outcome would come to pass. The legal process matters, as this case amply proves. There should be no tolerance for false accusations, which are calculated to destroy the lives of public or private figures,” Keel said.