Harrisburg, PA

The United States Supreme Court, today, summarily rejected legal action by Attorney General Joshua Shapiro and others to remove President Trump’s Acting Attorney General.

On November 26, 2018 Shapiro posted this comment on his Facebook page:

Attorney General Karl A. Racine & I are leading legal action against Whitaker’s unlawful appointment as Acting Attorney General.

His tenure threatens the legitimacy of the Justice Department + the vital relationship between DOJ & the States.

We require immediate correction.

The United States Supreme Court grants “writ of certiorari” if four justices believe the case ought to be heard. It’s unclear if any justice believed the case brought by blue state Democrat Attorney Generals. On occasion a justice may dissent from the decision  not to grant the writ of certiorari which didn’t happen in this case.

Below is a screenshot image of the original Facebook post by Attorney General Joshua Shapiro.

Link to original Supreme Court denial order case 18-496 Michaels v. Whitaker



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