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Harrisburg, PA

The Swatara Township Police Department has been Accredited through the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission since 2009 a program requires the department to comply with 132 standards for which proofs of compliance are required each year.

Every three years an assessment team comes from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association (PCPA) and evaluates the proofs of compliance to determine if all of the required standards were met for their accreditation program.

Swatara Township Police acounced they successfully received re-accreditation status and will remain an accredited  agency for the next three years.  At a commissioner’s meeting Richard Hammon, the Accreditation Program Coordinator for the PCPA  stated that Swatara Township Police is among the top echelon of law enforcement agencies achieving accreditation while praising the leadership of Chief Reider as he presented a plaque recognizing the work of the department.

According to The Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Program the accreditation was designed and developed by professional law enforcement executives to provide a reasonable and cost effective plan for the professionalization of law enforcement agencies within the Commonwealth. Participating administrators then conduct a thorough analysis to determine how existing operations can be adapted to meet these objectives. When the procedures are in place, a team of independent professionals is assigned to verify that all applicable standards have been successfully implemented. The process culminates with a decision by an authoritative body that the institution is worthy of accreditation.

Swatara Township is not accredited by the nationally recognized more rigorous CALEA which has been accrediting police agencies for decades .