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Attorney General Shapiro crusader or deal maker for predators?

Attorney General Shapiro crusader or deal maker for predators?

Attorney General Josh Shapiro this morning released this  statement about a Wilkes-Barre Police officer recently arrested for sexual assaults while on duty:

I’m using the full force of my Office to go after a Wilkes-Barre police officer who allegedly sexually assaulted 4 women while he was on duty – in uniform.

In all 4 cases, this man threatened the women into not reporting his crimes.

This behavior is unacceptable.

I’ve pressed an aggressive agenda to stand with Survivors of sexual assault & fight those who use positions of power to prey upon the defenseless.

The charges:

– 3 counts of rape
– 2 counts of aggravated indecent assault
– 4 counts of witness intimidation
– False imprisonment

The truth is much different when one looks at the deals Shapiro’s makes with sex offenders.

A former police chief was released just last week after accepting a plea from Shapiro’s office seeing 4 of 8 charges dropped. Michael Diebold was arrested in May. He was sentenced to 9 to 23 months in jail pleading guilty to felony charges of statutory sexual assault, attempted statutory sexual assault, unlawful restraint and criminal use of a communications device.

It’s notable Diebold’s bail was more than twice that of the accused Wilkes-Barre police officer Shapiro mentions . 

Last November Shapiro chortled about prosecuting a photographer using a child for child pornography. In that plea deal Shapiro dropped 21 charges with the possibility the man eligible for release in as soon as six years. Shapiro dismissed most of the charges. 

Just last month the public was treated to Shapiro’s grandstanding about a priest arrested taking a deal stemming from the investigation disgraced former Attorney General Kathleen Kane started. In one of the few arrests in the wide ranging publicity rich investigation Shapiro touted the 14 year sentence never once saying the former priest’s minimum sentence was just over 2 years. Shapiro dropped 6 of 8 charges. 

The Wilkes-Barre officer faces serious and absolutely stunning allegations.  Should the Attorney General possess the evidence to convict him it’s almost hard to imagine anything but a long prison sentence resulting from what is alleged happened to women in this case. 

Shapiro’s chortling about his greatness uses victims. It is offensive and impugns victims put through hell to tell their story to have a politician make their situation into a political commercial.