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Blaming cops kills our kids of color; tell them the truth about Antwon Rose Jr.

Blaming cops kills our kids of color; tell them the truth about Antwon Rose Jr.

Antwon Rose is an example; a bad example

Turning the horror into white cop versus unarmed black teen helps get more kids killed as adults miss chance to say, “If you screw up, stop. Don’t run. You can’t know how the police officer perceive your actions. We will deal with it, later. The police are trained to stop you, they stop criminals every single day. Just cooperate. When the lights go on, stop.”

The police officer was set free by a jury with three African Americans, led by retired African American teacher. It took three hours.

Tell young people the truth

Antwon Rose died making the worst of all the choices; don’t be Antwon Rose.

Antwon comes from a good family. He was honor student whose mom worked as a clerk in a police station. A poet, an athlete, a volunteer Antwon’s future appeared bright. 

All the good senselessly stolen from society because of one cataclysmic stupid decision. 

And, yeah, mom that’s a miserable message.  What greater misery exists not only to lose a child but to put the blame squarely on Antwon. 

It’s all Antwon has to give, mom. Antwon choose crime. Antwon chose to run. 

Save their lives

It’s not about race, it’s about society not tolerating violence. Choose crime and choose others to chart the course of your life.

Maybe it’s the police officer who has few facts but knows a man was shot. Maybe it’s the judge who, acting in the people’s name, sentences you youth to a dank prison cell where you become a memory to friends as your mother cries.

Antwon Rose was not a victim, Antwon Rose was a perpetrator. Please, don’t be Antwon Rose.