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Opinion: If Casey and Toomey want to fix an s-hole country, let them go to hop the next plane to Damascus

Opinion: If Casey and Toomey want to fix an s-hole country, let them go to hop the next plane to Damascus

Pennsylvania’s two senators both oppose the President’s plan to shift American troops out of one part of Syria creating space for Turkey to invade.  Casey goes so far as to insult the intelligence of Pennsylvanians saying, “President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria also underscores the problematic nature of his continuing involvement in his business, the Trump Organization. Since President Trump has not fully divested from his private business, our nation is left to wonder whether the fact that the Trump Organization has dealings in Turkey impacted his decision.”

Casey’s asinine statement obviously intends to gin up his shills who’ve dutifully began duping on his social media platforms.

Toomey, on the other hand, says well before the president even spoke to the issue, “The president’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from the northern Syrian border poses a significant threat to our national security and risks reversing the progress made in the region to destroy ISIS.”

Give Pennsylvania a break, Pat.

What does Turkey really want?

According to Haaretz, an English language Israeli newspaper, Turkey has two main goals in northeast Syria: to drive the Kurdish YPG militia which it deems a security threat away from its border, and to create a space inside Syria where 2 million Syria refugees currently hosted in Turkey can be settled. It had been pushing the United States to jointly establish a “safe zone” extending 20 miles (32 km) into Syrian territory, but repeatedly warned it could take unilateral military action after accusing Washington of dragging its feet. President Tayyip Erdogan has recently talked about pushing even deeper into Syria, beyond the proposed “safe zone” region to the cities of Raqqa and Deir al-Zor, in order to allow still more refugees to return to Syria.

Imagine moving 2 million refugees to Texas, about the same size as Turkey. (This is for argument’s sake, there are already 1.6 million illegal aliens in Texas, according to Pew Research)

A time comes for this conflict to end and Turkey says the time is now for the refugees to go home. 


One of the worst places on Earth is the Middle East. Sunni versus Shiite, Persian versus Arab, Arab versus Israeli. Pat Toomey and Robert Casey’s son offer nothing in the way of an answer for the United States.  These people will go on fighting until someone wins,  perhaps, for decades to come. It’s not our fight.

Trump makes clear before the world what the United States will accept from Turkey and that’s staying within the bounds of creating a safe zone to return refugees. Trump also makes clear the consequence of Turkey breaking their word to America. Turkey experienced that early on when Trump slapped sanctions after they refused to release Pastor Brunson.

If Casey and Toomey want to fix a shit-hole country, let them go to hop the next plane to Damascus.