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Scranton, PA

Last week Lackawanna College and Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania signed a transfer agreement they say provides a seamless program-to-program pathway for Lackawanna students to complete their Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Technical Leadership. 

Under this new partnership, students  who complete their associate degree at Lackawanna can transfer to Bloomsburg with junior (third-year) status. The bachelor’s degree in Technical Leadership aims to build on the expertise students have gained through their associate degree program to build working professionals ready to take charge of technical workgroups, project teams, and service departments.

“We are excited at the opportunity to formalize a partnership that has existed for many years between our institutions,” said Mark Volk, Lackawanna College President. “Providing quality alternatives for our students to continue their educational journeys is among the most important things we do, and Bloomsburg has always been a top-notch choice.”

“We are thrilled to be able to work with Lackawanna College to provide a program where students from Lackawanna can matriculate to Bloomsburg and pursue a bachelor’s degree in our Technical Leadership program,” said Tom Fletcher, Bloomsburg University Vice President for Enrollment Management. “BU is committed to working together with institutions to ensure students have the best path to success. This agreement is another example of a partnership in action.”