Scott Wagner Calls for Mandatory Death Penalty for School Shooters

Scott Wagner Calls for Mandatory Death Penalty for School Shooters

Scott Wagner: “If Someone Kills One Of Our Children, We Will Kill Them.”

From A Press Release from Governor Candidate Senator Scott Wagner

In a speech to the Pennsylvania Press Club today, 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner announced that he is introducing legislation that would impose a mandatory death sentence as the penalty for any school shooting that results in a fatality of any person on school grounds.

“Let me make the message crystal clear, if someone kills one of our children, we will kill them,” said Scott Wagner. “We have failed our children, their parents, their siblings and survivors too often.  As Governor, I will not fail them. But if a tragedy like the one in Florida happened here in Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf would fail our families. Almost immediately after he took office, Tom Wolf put a moratorium on the death penalty. That means that Tom Wolf would protect the life of someone like Nikolas Cruz despite the fact that he ended the lives of 17 innocent students and faculty. Tom Wolf would prioritize the life of an evil school shooter over the lives of innocent children. When I’m governor, I will remove Tom Wolf’s moratorium on the death penalty on day one. I’m running for Governor because children, parents and hard-working Pennsylvanians need someone on their side – and I will be that leader.”

During his speech Wagner also proposed additional initiatives to enhance school safety. Wagner’s proposals include bolstering state funding for mental health, placing a highly trained, armed security officer in every school building in the Commonwealth and investing in school safe programs.

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